May 12 2019

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Freddie Scappaticci

Freddie Scappaticci

Freddie Scappaticci was a purported high-level double agent in the Provisional Irish Republican Army, known by the codename “Stakeknife”.


1970:He was fined for riotous assembly in 1970 after being caught up in the Troubles and, a year later, was interned without trial at the age of 25 as part of Operation Demetrius.
1974:He was released from detention in 1974 and was by this time a member of the Provisional IRA.
1980:By 1980, Scappaticci was a lead member in the Internal Security Unit (ISU) for the IRA Northern Command.
1993:In 1993 Scappaticci approached the ITV programme The Cook Report and agreed to an interview on his activities in the IRA and the alleged role of Martin McGuinness in the organisation.
2004:In April 2004, Stevens signalled that he intended to question Scappaticci as part of the third Stevens inquiry.
2018:On 5 December 2018, Westminster Magistrates’ Court sentenced Scappaticci to 3 months imprisonment, suspended for 1 year, after he pleaded guilty to possessing “extreme pornographic images”.

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