May 21 2019



Editors Comments 2 people up for the new chief of northern Irelands controversial police force the old ruc royal ulster constabulary now psni police service northern Ireland.

If we are trying to protect and be fair to both sides of the Irish Ireland northern Ireland British side of the argument then the police forces title needs changing. May be the Police force of Britain and Ireland.

You vote for the bully or the boutcher.


high profile Bedfordshire chief constable Jon Boutcher

John Boutcher.

He Looks a good cop but I think hes more of a inquiry man.

Chief Constable Boutcher to lead Operation Kenova Investigation

Hang On Can you smell a rat ?

smell a rat. To suspect that someone is guilty of betrayal, deception, or causing a situation to go wrong. A: “They’re numbers don’t match up with the taxes they’ve paid.”. B: “Hmm, I smell a rat.”. He thought he could smell a rat when he saw John slinking away from the scene of the crime.


Surely its a conflict of interest to run a inquiry and be a chief constable of the corrupt force being investigated.

May be Mr Boutcher will resign from the enquiry or explain why he can still carry on we get hundreds of questions why isnt this being looked at why did he ignore my son my dad my evidence is this a nother enquiry scandal.

Will Arthur Rafferty Murder and his 79 year old son dying from asbestosis ever ever get justice and all the other families.

2 Simon Byrne ex Cheshire police. Ex Met Police A Bully but later not charged.

The Old boys club cleared him of bullying a female officer I’m sure the psni has female officers.

Jekyll & Hyde

Became the Chief Constable of Cheshire Constabulary in June 2014. The married father-of-two came to the force from his role as assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, where he was responsible for 32 London boroughs, the largest policing operation in the country. He has held roles including assistant chief constable for Merseyside Police in 2006 and deputy chief constable Greater Manchester Police in 2009.

ALLISON MORRIS 21 May, 2019 01:00 Bedfordshire Police Chief Constable Jon Boutcher.

A replacement for outgoing Chief Constable George Hamilton is expected to be announced this week after two days of interviews.

In what has been one of the most closely scrutinised public appointments in the PSNI’s history, the panel will be deciding on a shortlist believed to be made up of two senior members of the force and two officers from England.

Among them is thought to be high profile Bedfordshire chief constable Jon Boutcher, currently heading up the operation Kenova investigation into the activities of the IRA agent known as Stakeknife.

Simon Byrne, former chief constable of Cheshire police, is also thought to be in the running for the £207,500 a year job.

Mr Byrne was cleared of all allegations of bullying in 2018 following a period of suspension, however, his contract with Cheshire police had ended by that stage.

Two serving PSNI officers, acting Deputy Chief Constable Stephen Martin and Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton, are also said to be shortlisted.

Bedfordshire Police Chief Constable Jon Boutcher.

A preference for applicants to have served outside Northern Ireland was dropped from the list of desirable criteria in the selection process to allow serving PSNI members to apply.

Independent recruitment specialists were brought in from outside of Northern Ireland to oversee the appointment process following controversial comments made by Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald earlier this year.

Mrs McDonald was accused of undermining the integrity of the recruitment exercise when she said she did not have confidence in any prospective candidate from within the PSNI.

Her remarks in February prompted calls for the Sinn Féin representative to be excluded from the selection panel assembled by the Policing Board.

Simon Byrne, former chief constable of Cheshire police.

Those calls were resisted, with board members instead agreeing to introduce new quality assurance measures to safeguard the process.

Interviews will be carried out by political and independent members of the North’s 19-member Policing Board under its chairwoman Anne Connolly.

The Sinn Féin representative Linda Dillion, will be joined by John Blair of the Alliance Party, Ulster Unionist Alan Chambers, Dolores Kelly of the SDLP, and the DUP’s Mervyn Storey.

All the panel have had to undergo a stringent two day training process to ensure the appointment will be robust enough to stand up to any potential challenge.

The announcement as to who will replace George Hamilton when he retires in June is expected to be made on Friday evening.

May 12 2019

The IRA’s Legacy of Lies

Gerry Adams’ Cult mantra of late has been: “the IRA has left the scene”.

Gerry Adams with Alfredo Scappaticci of the IRA’s ‘nutting squad’

Not so, Gerry – virtually all IRA members and prominent leaders have been absorbed into Sinn Féin and there they remain under the new disguise of democratic politics without a shred of remorse, repentance, truth or integrity.

Look around you, Gerry, at the many self-confessed IRA shooters and bombers known to you and to us all in high-level positions in Sinn Féin, convicted of multiple murders, shootings, bombings, escapes, extraditions – they haven’t gone away, you know.

Gerry & Martin welcome the release of the 4 Balcombe Street Siege London bombers

In Spain, while ETA is similarly claimed to have “left the scene”, ETA leaders are nevertheless facing charges of ‘crimes against humanity’ for a small number of bombings and murders, a fraction of the IRA’s ‘crimes against humanity’ bombings and murders – the claim that ETA “has left the scene” is dismissed as entirely irrelevant in Spain.

In case you don’t understand the legacy of lies you are undertaking to lead in the new hybrid SFIRA movement, Mary Lou and Michelle, here are some of the bigger ones:

For instance, in 1971 the IRA had lied about the entirely unnecessary death of 16-year-old IRA Volunteer Jim O’Hagan in a shooting incident in the Waterside. The truth of what happened to Jim O’Hagan was never told to the people of Derry and the truth of the irresponsible nature of the organisation that took his life was covered up.

It was rumoured that Jim did not accept a “direct order” from a fellow IRA volunteer who put a gun to his chest and pulled the trigger – the bullet went right through him. His teeenage comrades (now effectively his murderers) basically scarpered and left him to die after informing some adults nearby.

Jim O'Hagan
Jim O’Hagan, murdered by the IRA

Jim O’Hagan died shortly afterwards. He had called to my home in Clarendon Street the previous day and chatted with me for some time.

When covering up scandals like that involving Jim O’Hagan, the IRA used mendacious phrases such as “killed in action” and “died for Ireland”…


Martin practices shooting with a Luger pistol

The IRA denied armed activities by Martin McGuinness and other IRA volunteers on Bloody Sunday in January 1972 – this was a lie. McGuinness and a very well-known Stanley’s Walk quartermaster were seen by many people breaking into the rear of Duffy’s Bookies with a view to attacking British soldiers in William Street.

Duffy’s Bookies’ building overlooked British soldiers on Bloody Sunday

McGuinness had a Thompson machine gun (used the previous Thursday evening to kill 2 RUC officers on nearby Creggan Hill) while his comrade had explosives in his possession. The attack was aborted.

IRA volunteers with knowledge of this action were silenced.

McGuinness lied on oath to The Bloody Sunday Inquiry when he stated that he had left the IRA in 1974 – everybody in the IRA and Sinn Fein knows very well that he never left the IRA.

McGuinness’ lies about his IRA membership died here

McGuinness’ tombstone had the last laugh on this matter when it recorded for posterity in Irish that he was ‘Volunteer of the Irish Republican Army’ – he was that to the last and never gave his many victims the restitution of Truth about why their relatives were murdered.

Child victim of the Abercorn restaurant bombing by the IRA

The IRA denied the Abercorn restaurant bombing in March, 1972 – this was a lie. Two young women were killed and 130 people were maimed or injured.

The IRA denied the Anderson Street bombing in the Short Strand in May 1972 – this was a lie. Eight persons were killed – four IRA volunteers and four civilians.

The IRA denied the Claudy bombings in July 1972 – this was a lie. Nine civilians, including children, were killed.

The IRA denied murdering and “disappearing” Jean McConville and at least eight other victims between December 1972 and 1981 – this was a lie.

The IRA began around this time the practice of torturing victims in order to force confessions from them before murdering them. Torture and murder of civilians are contrary to Geneva Conventions, but the IRA Army Council didn’t care.

IRA torture and murder victim dumped on the border

The IRA denied the booby-trap bomb murder of 9-year-old Gordon Gallagher in Creggan, Derry, in February, 1973 – this was a lie.

Gordon Gallagher
9 year old Godon Gallagher

For a time, the Derry Brigade attempted to blame the British Army for arming the bomb before it was eventually forced to admit the truth.

The IRA denied hanging Paddy Joe Crawford in Cage Five of Long Kesh in June, 1973 – this was a lie. Crawford, an orphan, was alleged to have ‘broken’ during police interrogation and to have given information.

If the IRA had decided to hang all of the IRA prisoners who broke during interrogation, at least half of the Long Kesh population would have merited execution.

The IRA denied shooting 14-year-old Kathleen Feeney in Derry in November, 1973 – this was a lie. Not only did Martin McGuinness’ Derry Brigade lie about shooting her, it went on to fancifully claim to have shot and killed the British soldier who had allegedly shot her. All lies.

14 yrs old Kathleen Feeney

The IRA lied about the abduction of German industrialist Thomas Nedermayer in West Belfast in December 1973. Mr. Nedermayer was the Managing Director of Grundig and was also the German Honorary Consul to Northern Ireland.

After ransom attempts and other deals failed, the IRA beat Niedermayer to death (that’s right, they didn’t shoot him) and ‘disappeared’ his body in a shallow grave in an illegal dump in the Colin Glen area of Belfast. His skeletal remains were not found until 1980.

A series of tragedies struck the Niedermayer family in subsequent years, possibly making for the saddest reading to come out of the IRA’s campaign of murder. Niedermayer’s wife, Ingeborg, and his two daughters, Gabrielle and Renate, all committed suicide in later years, as did Gabrielle’s husband.


The Nedermayer human rights’ atrocity was masterminded by Brian Keenan, the IRA’s GHQ Quartermaster and pal of Libyan Dictator Muammar Gadaffy. Keenan was later the IRA’s Chief of Staff and is celebrated by the IRA and Sinn Féin.

Mary Lou McDonald spoke with Keenan in Fairview Park in Dublin in tribute to the IRA’s WWII Chief of Staff, Sean Russell, a Nazi collaborator who organised a bombing campaign in England in 1939 on behalf of his Nazi Intelligence controllers.

Dublin City Council statue honouring Nazi collaborator Sean Russell

The IRA denied murdering alleged informer Kenneth Lennon in Surrey in April, 1974 – this was a lie. False rumours were spread that Lennon was killed by Special Branch police and these lies made their way into books and reports for years.

The IRA denied the Birmingham bombings in November, 1974 – this was a lie. 21 civilians were killed and 182 were maimed and injured.

Victim of the IRA Birmingham Pub Bombings

The IRA claimed it would court martial and execute identified Birmingham bombers – this was a lie.

Mick Murray, Birmingham Pub bomber – not disciplined nor executed by IRA

Mick Murray, one of the bombers who was captured and imprisoned for conspiracy to cause explosions, was treated as a hero upon his release and return to Dublin, Ireland. He was employed as a van driver for the IRA’s newspaper, An Phoblacht, and got a eulogy in the same paper after his death.

Self-confessed Birmingham Pub bomber Mick Hayes in his jungle fatigues in Dublin

Another of the bombers, Mick Hayes (‘Jungle Jim’) , was not captured and continued to make and plant bombs for the IRA for years. Claims of courts martial and punishments were just lies. The IRA did absolutely nothing to help the innocent and wrongly-convicted Birmingham Six.

In July 1975, the IRA lied about torturing, murdering and disappearing 22-year-old Eamon Molloy who was alleged to have been an informer in its Belfast brigade. Molloy’s remains were secretly disinterred and returned in a coffin 24 years later by the IRA following its belated admission that it had murdered and disappeared him.

Eamon Molloy, murdered by the IRA

In November 1975, the IRA lied about torturing, murdering and disappearing 17-year-old Columba McVeigh who was originally from Donaghmore, County Tyrone, but was abducted from his flat in Dublin. Columba was one of the youngest teenagers ever to have been regarded as an informer by the paranoid Provos. His corpse still has not been found.

Columba McVeigh, ‘disappeared’ by the IRA

The IRA denied the Kingsmill massacre of 10 Protestant civilians in January, 1976 – this was a lie.

Kingsmill – the IRA’s massacre of 10 innocent Protestants

Kingsmill was a nakedly sectarian massacre of innocent Protestants, part of a campaign of IRA murders of innocent Protestants allegedly to counter UDA/UVF attacks on Catholics.

The IRA falsely claimed it would never stoop to sectarian murders and ignored the fact that relatives of innocent Catholics murdered by loyalist paramilitaries wanted no such retaliatory murders in their name.

Jeffrey Agate, MD of Du Pont, popular Derry businessman

Martin McGuinness denied knowing who murdered innocent Protestant businessman Jeffrey Agate, MD of Du Pont, in February, 1977 – this was a lie. His leadership position within the IRA since the early 1970s meant that he not only knew the shooters, but that he was one of the IRA leaders who authorised the shocking murder.

Joanne Mathers with 2-year-old son, Shane

Martin McGuinness denied knowing who murdered 29-year-old mother and census collector, Joanne Mathers, in April, 1981 – this was a lie. Again, McGuinness knew very well who pulled the trigger and was one of the IRA leaders who gave permission for her murder.

The crazed gunman shot the unarmed woman in the neck and grabbed her census forms before running away. Virtually everybody associated with the Derry Brigade of the IRA knows who murdered Joanne and they all keep the mafia-style ‘omerta’. Keep up the integrity, lads – it’s all for Ireland.

The IRA denied shooting Irish Prison Chief Brian Stack in Dublin in March, 1983 – this was a lie. Gerry Adams was able to magically create a meeting between Brian Stack’s family and an IRA leader in 2013 during which the IRA leader not only belatedly admitted Brian Stack’s murder, but claimed that one of the shooters was ‘disciplined’ – this was also a lie.

Frank Hegarty’s body

Martin McGuinness denied luring alleged informer Frank Hegarty home to Derry in May 1986 and promising his mother, Rose, that he would not be harmed – this was a lie. McGuinness was so involved in the Hegarty murder that he had a Guardian journalist, Peter Murtagh, removed from the Hegarty home and told him outside that ‘the interview is over’ in an act of intimidation of the press. McGuinness continued to lie about the Hegarty murder until his own death.

Martin McGuinness denied knowing the murderers of civilian prison instructor, Leslie Jarvis (shot dead after a psychology class at Magee College) and of two police officers murdered shortly afterwards by a booby-trap bomb in a briefcase similar to that of Mr. Jarvis – this was a lie. He certainly knew the team that carried out the triple murder and was one of the IRA leaders who authorised the attack.

Enniskillen Remembrance Day bombing

The IRA denied triggering the Enniskillen Remembrance Day bomb in November, 1987 – this was a lie.

A false story was spread that the bomb was triggered by some unknown British Army security radio device before the truth had to be admitted.

The bomb murdered 12 people and maimed 63.

The IRA denied the Tullyally bombings in Derry in December, 1987 – this was a lie. Two of three bombs exploded in a largely Protestant housing estate, killing an elderly Catholic pensioner. The Derry Brigade of the IRA had planted the bombs near homes of persons suspected of being members of the security forces and when the ‘job’ went wrong, Martin McGuinness denied responsibility and cynically blamed British Army or loyalist paramilitary ‘dirty tricks’ attackers. Lies on top of lies.

Detective Garda Jerry McCabe lies dead in his police car

The IRA denied the murder of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe in County Limerick in June, 1996 during a botched robbery of a ‘cash in transit’ van – this was a lie. Gerry Adams later developed a convoluted distancing explanation for the robbery – the IRA Army Council had not authorised it, but a lower-level commander had authorised it.

This did not explain the gunmen spraying the Garda car with automatic weapon fire contrary to alleged IRA Army Orders and killing McCabe and injuring his Garda colleague, Ben O’Sullivan, who was shot 11 times but survived.

In August 2001, three years after the signing of The Good Friday Agreement, the IRA denied sending two of its GHQ engineering/explosives experts – James “Mortar” Monaghan and Martin McCauley – and its Cuban-based Sinn Fein representative to Latin America, Niall Connolly, to Colombia to engage in training of the FARC narco-terrorists.

The three travelled on false passports and spent five weeks in a FARC-controlled zone before their arrest. An American Embassy explosives’ expert, Anthony Hall, had tested possessions of the three for explosives and confirmed traces of five different high explosives including nitro, tetril, HMX (high melting explosive), TNT, and ammonium nitrate. Colombian witnesses claimed the three had been regularly seen in FARC territory since 1998.

Sinn Féin get behind their boys caught with their FARCs down in Colombia

Sinn Féin denied that Connolly was its representative in Cuba – this was a lie. Sinn Féin later admitted that Connolly was indeed a party representative.

Alex Maskey suddenly volunteered information to the press that both Monaghan and McCauley ‘had left Sinn Féin’ – thanks, Alex, but it’s ‘Mortar’ Monaghan’s alleged membership of the IRA Army Council and McCauley’s alleged expertise in the IRA GHQ’s Engineering Department that’s at issue.

The three were ultimately convicted and sentenced to 17 years imprisonment, but had already fled the country and returned to Ireland, impervious to an outstanding Colombian arrest warrant.

Gerry romancing the Right in the US while the ‘boyos’ romanced the Left in Colombia and Cuba

In 2002, Gerry Adams refused to give evidence to a US Congressional hearing into links between the IRA and FARC and his right-wing Republican party friend, Congressman Peter King, stated that innuendo that the IRA was involved in narco-terrorism was ‘damaging to the peace process’.

SFIRA were caught with their pants down playing to the right wing in America and to the left wing in Cuba and Colombia. There are too many SFIRA lies to fit in this article.

The IRA denied the Northern Bank robbery in December 2004 – this was a lie. Who has been benefiting from the tax free £26.5m pension fund? Come on, Gerry, use your magic ability to find out for us.

Come on Gerry, find out for us who’s spending the dosh…

The IRA denied the murder of Robert McCartney in Belfast in January, 2005 – this was a lie. The murder became a severe embarrassment in the United States for a time during the ‘peace process’ before it was smoothed over.

Robert McCartney’s family hit a home run – SFIRA don’t want bad press in the US…

The IRA denied the murder of Paul Quinn in October, 2007 – this was a lie. Quinn wasn’t just murdered, he was beaten to death to the point that there was hardly an unbroken bone in his body. This was a lesson to anyone in South Armagh who might oppose the IRA during the ‘peace process’.

The IRA’s Army Council personnel – Martin McGuinness and others – began denying membership and leadership of the IRA and knowledge of countless IRA human rights’ atrocities – these were and remain barefaced lies.

The Leaders and the Leaders

The Pat Finucane Centre has managed to avoid enquiring into any of the thousands of IRA civil and human rights’ violations while Sinn Féin spouts about a ‘rights-based society’ for all.

So, Mary Lou and Michelle, you might begin your reign by dealing with the IRA’s legacy of lies as outlined above by acknowledging them and apologising for them also.

Stop celebrating murder and those who practiced it.

Just a few more soldiers murdered on the IRA’s long and bloody road to – Stormont