May 12 2019

Relatives for Justice: ‘Time for Truth’ or ‘Time for Really Big Lies’?

It’s one thing for SF/IRA apparatchiks to live in deliberate denial and cover-up about IRA Human Rights’ atrocities – they choose to serve an iniquitous Sinn Féin/IRA party policy – but quite another thing for such calculated deception to brazenly work its way into the general population and into the realm of professionals such as doctors, solicitors, barristers, priests, etc. – citizens who are certainly better educated, better rewarded and who should therefore possibly live according to higher standards than the rest of us.

A typical Web introduction to the Relatives for Justice organisation might be the profile offered by the ICTJ website, The International Center for Transitional Justice in New York.

There, written by Sam McCann, RFJ CEO Mark Thompson’s story and motivation for his involvement with Human Rights are described and – we are told – it all began with the murder of Pat Finucane in 1989:

Mark Thompson discovers Human Rights in 1989

After mentioning also that Thompson’s own brother had been one of three men shot dead by soldiers subsequent to robbing a bookmakers in Belfast and while two were holding replica guns – which Thompson referred to as a “shoot to kill” British army policy – the profile continues:

Thompson refers to ‘a foundation of lies’

As an introduction to Human Rights’ violations in the Northern Ireland troubles, I would say that this “narrative” lacks something – in fact, it lacks so much that in my opinion it ranks as DECEPTION.

If I – as someone of a catholic/nationalist background – and a former teenage IRA volunteer and Sinn Féin member – were introducing a foreign audience to Human Rights’ violations in Northern Ireland – even if only by referencing attacks on the legal fraternity – I would have to start by demonstrating the universality and indivisibility of Human Rights and my narrative could absolutely never begin with the Pat Finucane murder in 1989:

  1. The IRA introduced into Northern Ireland the murders of members of the legal fraternity by shooting dead Resident Magistrate William Staunton, a Catholic, on the 11thof October 1972 as he dropped his daughter to St. Dominic’s convent grammar school on the Falls Road. The IRA shot him in front of his daughter and her school friends in his car and he died of his injuries three months later.
  2. On the same day, and at the time, the IRA also murdered Resident Magistrate Martin McBirney, a Protestant, at his home in his kitchen in front of his family. Martin McBirney was a prominent member of the Northern Ireland Labour Party, had married a Catholic and, while a barrister, had acted for the defence in civil rights’ cases and had represented Eamon McCann.

[Here was all the template the loyalist paramilitaries needed later for the Pat Finucane murder at home in his kitchen in front of his family, but much more than this was provided by the IRA.]

  1. On the 16thof January, 1983, Judge William Doyle was murdered by the IRA as he came out of Mass in St. Brigid’s Catholic church on Derryvolgie Avenue in Belfast. Judge Doyle had offered a 72-year-old lady a lift home in his car and, as they both exited the church, two IRA gunmen fired at him. He was hit by six bullets in the chest and stomach. The 72-year-old lady with him was shot in the stomach and seriously injured.
  2. Sixteen months later, an IRA gunman again used the same Catholic church to attack Judge Tom Travers. One gunman shot his daughter, Mary, in the spine. She fell to the ground taking her mother with her. A second gunman shot him in the shoulder, knocking him to the ground. The gunman then stood over him and fired five more bullets into him – miraculously, he survived. The second gunman then put his gun to Travers’ wife’s head and pulled the trigger twice – the gun misfired both times. Mary Travers, however, died in her mother’s arms. The IRA’s intent was clear – to murder the judge and his entire family as well.
  3. On the 7thof December, 1983, the IRA shot barrister and law lecturer Edgar Graham in Queen’s University and, as the 29-year-old lay dying outside the campus library, cheering erupted in the students’ union as witnessed by Sylvia Hermon.
  4. On the 28thof April, 1987, the IRA murdered Appeal Justice Maurice Gibson and his wife Cecily by bombing their car at the border, with claims of collusion between the IRA and senior member of the Irish police, An Garda Siochana.
  5. Fifteen months later on the 23rdof July, 1988, the IRA attempted to repeat the border bomb tactic, this time intending to murder Catholic Justice Eoin Higgins, but instead murdered AN ENTIRE HILLSBOROUGH FAMILY returning from Disneyland in Florida, Robin and Maureen Hanna and their 6-year-old son, David. Again, there were allegations of collusion between the IRA and elements of An Garda Siochana.

How is it possible to introduce a Human Rights’ perspective concerning attacks on servants of the law in Northern Ireland without mentioning THE TEN MURDERS BY THE IRA before 1989 and by only recounting A SINGLE MURDER BY LOYALISTS in 1989? What absolute hypocrisy is this?

Print this out, Mark, and put it on your office wall

How, then, in the light of all of these IRA murders of members of the legal fraternity in Northern Ireland, and given the universality and indivisibility of Human Rights, does Thompson narrate only that “he knew about Finucane’s death and contacted the murdered activist’s family and longtime legal partner, Peter Madden” –  is Thompson kidding?

He didn’t know about all these other murders of legal practitioners – and civilians – and was somehow unmoved by the atrocities in which they were murdered by the IRA?

He then followed this ignorance by completely erasing these TEN VICTIMS from such an important narrative?

Mary Travers, civilian, murdered by the IRA, Mark

It appears abundantly clear to me that Thompson offers a wholly partial and sectarian Human Rights’ story to an international audience, one that never refers to the IRA and to its 1,700 dead victims and to its many many thousands of injured victims and associated Human Rights’ violations.

Looking to the RFJ website, I note that it recounts that on March 22nd, 2012, Mark Thompson got an opportunity to make a submission to The Helsinki Commission US Congressional Hearing – here at last, I thought, he will have rendered a full and balanced narrative on Human Rights’ violations in Northern Ireland, starting with the single greatest violator of Human Rights in the troubles, the IRA.

But no!

Unaccountably, Thompson only submitted evidence on three incidents: Loughlinisland, Sean Graham’s Bookmakers and Clonoe.

Thompson – totally blind to the IRA’s thousands of Human Rights’ atrocities

Most extraordinarily, neither the IRA nor any of its many thousands of Human Rights’ violations are mentioned anywhere in the submission – how is this even possible?

No reference to The Claudy bombings of civilians by the IRA, Mark?

No reference to The Bloody Friday bombings of civilians by the IRA, Mark?

No reference to the La Mon napalm bombing of civilians by the IRA, Mark?

No reference to The Birmingham Pub bombings of civilians by the IRA, Mark?

No reference to The Warrington bombings of children and civilians by the IRA, Mark?

No reference to The Enniskillen Remembrance Day bombing of civilians by the IRA, Mark?

No reference to the Kingsmill slaughter of Protestant civilians by the IRA, Mark?

No reference to the IRA’s practice of sectarian murders of innocent Protestants across Northern Ireland, Mark?

No reference to the IRA’s institutional practice of torture on abducted civilians before their extra-judicial murders and disappearances of their corpses, Mark?

No reference to the IRA’s practice of deliberate murders of civilians, Mark?

No reference to the IRA’s enlistment of children into the IRA, Mark?

No reference to the IRA’s refusal to return the corpse of a fallen soldier, Captain Robert Nairac, Mark, making it the only terrorist organisation in Europe to withhold from burial a corpse of a captured, tortured and then murdered soldier?

No reference to the 120 women, girls and female infants murdered by the IRA, Mark, in the course of its ‘armed struggle’?

And – in such a prestigious setting as the US Congress, and duty-bound to offer precision of language – you refer three times to a location only specified as “the north” – without any further qualification? You’re in America and you make reference in a legal submission to a location only as “the north”?

Is this more of the calculated Sinn Féin slight to the people of Northern Ireland that pro-Sinn Féin republicans cannot now ever use the official name of the province, ‘Northern Ireland’?

It would stretch to breaking point the bounds of credulity to imagine that Thompson FORGOT about all of these most infamous IRA Human Rights’ atrocities – and therefore one can only assume that Thompson and his organisation are deliberately excusing from their shoddy Human Rights’ “narrative” the single greatest Human Rights’ violator in the Northern Ireland troubles – namely the IRA.

Just another of the IRA’s tortured/extra-judicial murder victims, Mark

And looking at RFJ’s various reports, in its 27 years of operation it has not managed to produce a SINGLE report on ANY of the IRA’s atrocities/Human Rights’ violations.

With regard to the “Time for Truth” march scheduled for February 25th, even The Irish News newspaper recorded as early as January 30th that:

“The majority of victims that have come together in the new group were bereaved through loyalist paramilitary or state violence.”

No surprise there!

The ‘Relatives for Justice’ organisation is narrating a deceptive Human Rights’ story of Northern Ireland [‘the north’] that entirely erases the IRA from the record.

Just one of 21 civilians murdered by the IRA in the Birmingham Pub bombings, Mark

Sinn Féin – the biggest apologists for and deniers of the IRA’s Human Rights’ violations and now a hybrid party containing all of the IRA’s victim-making leadership and membership and current IRA Army Council members – was all over the so-called ‘Time for Truth’ march.

Sinn Féin MLA Emma Rogan announced plans for the march.

Sinn Féin victims’ spokersperson [that would be, “non-IRA victims’ spokesperson”, obviously] Linda Dillon expressed in the Sinn Féin/IRA newspaper, An Phoblacht, that the march was largely aimed at getting legacy funding released.

An Phoblacht couldn’t have been clearer:

“Relatives of people killed by the British state and their allies in unionist death squads are calling on people across the country to join with them on Sunday 25 February for the Time for Truth march and support their campaigns for truth and justice.”

So, the ‘Time for Truth’ march was a lie in the sense that it was certainly not ‘Time for Truth’ from the IRA about its many thousands of Human Rights violations, but merely time for truth for “relatives of people killed by the British state and their allies in unionist death squads”.

How much more EXCLUSIVE could you get within the Human Rights field?

How much further away from support for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights could you travel toward a pitifully partial and sectarian view of Human Rights by RFJ and its pro-Sinn Féin allies?

Even the aforementioned New York ICTJ on its website later admitted that:

“Organisers of the march had urged victims from across the community to attend, however, many of those represented were mainly from the nationalist community and their loved ones killed by security forces or loyalist terrorists.”

It would be unthinkable in any other country that unapologetic, unrepentant victim-makers – persons who participated in massive Human Rights’ violations – could ever join most comfortably and unchallenged in a Human Rights’ protest.

Gerry ‘The Bolt’ Kelly and comrades celebrate past violence

However, at the so-called ‘Time for Truth’ march, unashamed and boastful convicted IRA members such as Gerry ‘The Bolt’ Kelly and Caroline Cullen/Caral ni Chuilin were able to walk proudly alongside Sinn Féin apologists for IRA Human Rights’ violations such as Michelle O’Neill, John Finucane, Alex Maskey, Deirdre Hargey and many others.

What kind of pro-Human Rights, pro-victims’ protest makes victim-makers and anti-Human Rights convicts feel comfortable and unchallenged?

Child victim of the IRA’s Warrington bombs, Mark

At the absolute least, it would have to be noted that this particular march was a TOTAL CORRUPTION of the universality and indivisibility of Human Rights and a pro-IRA demonstration in full knowledge of the IRA’s victim-making history.

One victim, Colin Worton, whose 24 year old brother Kenneth was murdered by the IRA at Kingsmill, commented in The Belfast Telegraph that he ‘wouldn’t have felt comfortable’ attending the march because it was ‘hi-jacked by Sinn Féin and the republican agenda’:

“Anybody that has been a terrorist and a victim-maker, to say they are representing victims is odd, it’s strange. How can they say they are representing victims when they have made victims?”

Well, Colin, it doesn’t take even a low pass grade in a legal degree to work that out, which brings us on to one of the more bizarrely hypocritical aspects of this wholly sectarian march – namely, the letter penned by 50 so-called “human rights lawyers” and published in The Irish News newspaper.

In December of 2017, a letter appeared in The Irish News signed by 200 ‘influential figures’ and ‘northern nationalists’ calling upon Republic of Ireland Fine Gael Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, ‘not to abandon the north’.

In February of 2018, another letter appeared in The Irish News this time signed by only 100 members of nationalist ‘civic society’ – the numbers were dropping – calling on Varadkar to support a bill of rights in Northern Ireland – on this occasion, Sinn Féin was ‘outed’ as chainmailing around Ireland to garner support for the letter.

Sinn Féin outed as garnering support for civic letter to the press (Irish Times)

So by the time the 50 ‘human rights lawyers’ [yawn, the term is so abused it is failing to carry any meaning anymore] had signed a letter supporting the so-called ‘Time for Truth’ march, numbers, interest and the efficacy of such letters had all dropped off.

“Human Rights’ Lawyers” (eh?) support the partial, sectarian ‘March for Truth’ (Irish News)

I have to admit that I was shocked that 50 legal professionals would publicly support a march whose organisers can so easily and clearly be shown to ignore the IRA’s thousands of Human Rights’ abuses and violations – and effectively to exonerate the IRA by refusal ever to document and investigate its Human Rights atrocities or to seek the prosecution of its Army Council leaders.

I have to admit surprise that the said legal professionals would publicly highlight their support for a sectarian march – one that could easily be shown to have full Sinn Féin and IRA support.

Why surprise?

Well of course because trumpeting support for a march that exonerated the IRA’s victim-makers and associated Sinn Féin apologists for IRA Human Rights’ atrocities calls into question the integrity, honesty and neutrality of such lawyers and they seem entirely unconcerned about even the possibility of being regarded as supporters of past IRA violence and victim-makers.

Kevin Winters, with the gold tie

Having descended from Mount Olympus and parked their Bentley, BMW and Mercedes motor vehicles in safe city centre parking, these scions of Druidic Ireland would have rubbed shoulders with the rude plebeians of Sinn Féin and the IRA as they clutched their nosegays ever closer to their nostrils.

In this descent into crude party politics, these letter signatories open themselves to the same slings and arrows that affect those of us who live in lowly places – but, when they are subsequently subjected to fairly ordinary scrutiny on Twitter – what is the reaction?

Why – having sought to know for a short time how ordinary folk live and breathe and debate and get trolled on social media – one or more of them pen(s) a legal letter of complaint, this time a legal letter or letters to Twitter complaining that s/he/they have been subject to unfair scrutiny with regard to Human Rights and support for the IRA.

Human Rights’ Lawyer(s) fight for Truth & Freedom of Opinion

Winters, Madden, Finucane and all these other self-proclaimed ‘human rights lawyers’ SELF-PUBLISHED their names in public, in a newspaper, in online editions of that newspaper and effectively in hundreds of social media outlets that then referenced their published letter.

One or more of them – so puffed up with bristling pride that s/he/they find it unacceptable and unconscionable that a mere citizen should ever have the temerity to reference them on Twitter and question their integrity on grounds that are so blatantly obvious that a mere victim, untutored in the law – or a mere citizen such as myself – only a little tutored in law – should question their integrity, which they have themselves opened for scrutiny by supporting a partial march solely for the rights of – to quote once more An Phoblacht – “relatives of people killed by the British state and their allies in unionist death squads”.

In my opinion, all 50 of you have brought discredit upon yourselves and any resulting scrutiny of your behaviour you have also brought upon yourselves by publishing your names in a newspaper without once referencing the single greatest Human Rights’ violator in all of Northern Ireland’s troubles – the IRA.

The IRA caught with their FARCs down associating with narco-terrorists in Colombia

You do not even recognise the irony that your threatening letter(s) to Twitter contradict the very freedom of expression you yourselves exercised in supporting the pro-Sinn Féin, pro-IRA march.

Sinn Féin and the IRA – once upon a time opposed to censorship…

[If you are a trainee solicitor, solicitor, trainee barrister, barrister or a lawyer or ‘human rights lawyer’ or new Sinn Féin activist and are affected by the revelation that the IRA has committed many thousands of Human Rights’ violations and that these have been covered up by RFJ and Sinn Féin, don’t hesitate to contact The Samaritans and to read one or more of the following:

May 12 2019

The Town That Loves the IRA So Well

It is no surprise in 2019 that Derry City nurtures the nascent IRA, as it nurtured the nascent IRA in 1969.

In the late 1960s there was a certain novelty about the Civil Rights’ Movement in Derry because the Civil Rights’ movement had to be imported into Derry City from outside.

There was a palpable feeling abroad in middle-class Derry that the Civil Rights’ movement and People’s Democracy were infiltrated or led by communists – and dreaded university students were widely held to be the foolish bearers of revolutionary communism and Trotskyism.

Strange bedfellows…

There was zero historical interest in Derry in pacifist protest or pacifism in general and even less in communism’s various visages.

I well remember Catholic Nationalist homes discussing the potential communist threat provided by Eamonn McCann, Bernadette Devlin and their hangers-on.

This was the era of The Cold War and spies and The Berlin Wall.

Tales of a Soviet Russian submarine that landed weapons in Lough Swilly were around in 1970 and 1971. I heard both republicans in Donegal and British Army persons in Derry discussing this at the time.

I met Donegal businessmen in Letterkenny and Falcarragh who had earlier been requested to collect monies to pay for the weapons – they later gave me a left-over £500 to be brought into Derry to pay for IRA activities – Pat Dawson of Letterkenny and Paddy Kelly of Falcarragh, ever aided by Neil Blaney’s brother Harry.

Derry had only ever given rise to the lumpen and paralysed Nationalist Party led by Eddie McAteer, whose Belfast-based brother, Hugh, had been Chief of Staff of the IRA.

John Hume beside tall white-haired Eddie McAteer

The elderly Nationalist Party was going nowhere even if it had been offered somewhere to go. It was devoid of strategy.

Derry City warmly embraced the transfer of protest from the Civil Rights’ movement to the IRA when the youthful face of Derry Brigade IRA Adjutant Martin McGuinness was televised.

Derry’s daily TV Drama was beginning here…

Having been given a taste of IRA actions in 1970 and 1971, Derry’s sleeping underbelly was willing to embrace a daily televised IRA campaign (which it had decidedly rejected 15 years earlier when the IRA’s ‘Border Campaign’ failed to garner support) in preference to a relatively boring Civil Rights’ campaign.

The IRA movement could not tolerate a situation where its would-be teenage volunteers – whom it required to fight its cause – would be brainwashed and diverted from the true IRA struggle by foreign notions of pacifism…

The IRA attack 72 hours before Bloody Sunday on policemen on Creggan Hill – which killed two police officers, one Catholic and one Protestant, and led by Martin McGuinness firing his favourite weapon at the time, a Thompson machine gun – was the IRA’s definite marker that the upcoming Civil Rights’ March was not going to be allowed to be the cutting edge of anything.

Thompson machine gun – more lovely than the SDLP…

As for Derry City’s years of protests seeking the truth of what paratroopers did on Bloody Sunday – this search for truth was never applied to the IRA.

Derry people weren’t interested in Truth, but only in piecemeal truth insofar as it niggled The Brits.

Martin McGuinness and a well-known Stanley’s Walk IRA volunteer were never hounded for the truth of what they were doing after they broke into the rear of Duffy’s Bookies armed with a Thompson machine gun and explosives during the march.

Front of Duffy’s Bookies’ building overlooking British soldiers

Many people witnessed this activity, including other ‘off duty’ IRA volunteers – friends of mine – who were shocked at the breach of the generally understood IRA promise not to engage in actions during Civil Rights’ marches.

Since the IRA occupation of the Bogside, Brandywell and Creggan, Derry’s streets have been paved with IRA lies.

After Bloody Sunday, it might be imagined that Derry would have forever become a monument to Civil Rights’ pacifism in honour of the marchers murdered that day, but in fact that was never going to happen.

Bloody Sunday monument in Derry

Derry had a taste of the IRA way and preferred it.

The real antagonism between the IRA leadership and the Civil Rights’ movement is captured in a ‘Guardian’ press report from Belfast when IRA members forcefully crashed a Civil Rights’ platform and took over the meeting.

“invaded the platform and took over the meeting”

The IRA later did everything it could to stamp out the movement of women and mothers that became known as The Peace People – anybody remember Mairead Corrigan-Maguire and Betty Williams and their ill-fated Nobel Peace Prize cash? The IRA intimidated the Derry Peace People leader – Margaret Doherty – out of her home in the Bogside…

The Peace People – not a music band

The IRA even discussed murdering another Bogside resident, local Member of Parliament and SDLP leader John Hume…

Derry people gave the impression for many years of believing in John Hume’s creed that no political aim was worth a single drop of blood or a single human life, but that was just another lie.

As soon as it became possible to vote for those virile IRA persons who had made their contribution to the IRA’s campaign of mass murder of civilians – without even counting the number of police or soldiers murdered – Derry people gave a handsome electoral reward to the men and women of murder, largely dumping the impotent and pacifist SDLP party that had operated without guns, bombs or murder – “Thanks for everything, John, but no thanks.”

John Hume Dumped
Sorry, John, but make way for the IRA…

If Martin McGuinness and comrades HAD murdered John Hume for alleged ‘collaboration’ with the British government, it would not have affected the numbers of worshippers who pressed around McGuinness’ funeral in Derry to touch the Mafira leader’s coffin.

Derry – IRA All The Way…

Derry march for the Victims? – No, for the Perpetrator…

Having had the opportunity to speak to thousands of students around Europe in recent years, I find many that many of them can recall Derry/Londonderry as the site of one of the IRA’s most infamous attacks – the Human Bomb attack involving Patsy Gillespie who was chained to a car bomb and ordered to drive it to an army checkpoint where Derry IRA volunteers – including a member of a well-known republican family – set off the bomb by remote control, blowing Patsy Gillespie and a number of British soldiers to fragments.

Patsy Gillespie and wife – before the IRA ‘Human Bomb’ atrocity

The IRA members involved in Patsy’s murder and mass murder generally have settled into bourgeois businesses and landlordship in Derry warmly supported and admired by locals.

There is no campaign by conscientious Derry citizens to boycott the businesses of IRA members who engaged in mass murder of their fellow civilians over 30 years.

Not even a boycott on social media…

None of the foreign students recalls the IRA’s deliberate murder of 29-year-old Joanne Mathers in the Waterside as she was making some extra money for her young family collecting census forms.

Joanne, one of McGuinness’ many victims

The IRA Volunteer involved deliberately shot her through the neck at close range in full view of witnesses and then ran away in service of the IRA and Martin McGuinness.

He was recognised by local people in the Waterside who could not publicly identify him for fear of being murdered themselves by the IRA as informers.

No-one recalls the IRA’s sectarian murder of unarmed Protestant Jeffrey Agate, MD of Du Pont, whose company gave some of the best paid jobs to Derry.

Jeffrey Agate, another civilian victim of Martin McGuinness

The IRA murdered Jeffrey in a short-lived ‘anti-capitalist’ strategy which was dumped as quickly as Martin McGuinness had adopted it following a national outcry.

If the IRA volunteers who murdered unarmed civilians Joanne Mathers and Jeffrey Agate were ‘outed’ in Derry today, it would not harm their popularity at all – Derry people will lap at the IRA trough in perpetuity.

There is a bedrock of sullen, dour and unshakeable support for IRA actions that infects many and it is this stored energy that feeds new young IRA volunteers in 2019.

People have regularly expressed to me that the Patsy Gillespie Human Bomb horror must have been the final nail in the IRA’s coffin in Derry – surely locals would never again offer support to the IRA movement after such a terrible Human Rights’ atrocity carried out by IRA volunteers well-known in the republican community and authorised by Martin McGuinness?

I’m afraid that History has shown that Derry people will always vote for IRA murderers over Victims, regardless of how many Human Rights’ atrocities perpetrated by the IRA.

For a city marked by Bloody Sunday, it is extraordinary that Derry loves the IRA so well which, in total, committed the equivalent of 121 Bloody Sundays worth of murders in its campaign of needless gunning and bombing to achieve – an abstentionist Stormont…

Bishop Edward Daly used to be beloved of Derry people – he who was famously photographed going to the aid of a victim on Bloody Sunday and waving a white handkerchief at paratroopers still firing their rifles.

The then Fr. Edward Daly – opponent of all violence

Bishop Edward was a fearless opponent of any form of IRA paramilitary display in a catholic church and famously took a stand against Martin McGuinness and the IRA on this matter and banned all IRA paramilitary displays from churches in his diocese.

Two years after Bloody Sunday, Bishop Edward Daly officiated at the funeral of his former St. Columb’s College friend, Derryman and Catholic Judge Rory Conaghan, murdered by the IRA in Belfast on the same morning that the IRA murdered Protestant Resident Magistrate Robert McBirney also in Belfast.

In his homily at the funeral Mass, Bishop Daly said the following:

 ‘The death we mourn today is not just the act of an individual but of an organisation. Before it took place, there was in all probability a meeting, a discussion, a decision taken and a man designated to do the deed. Can any member of such an organisation feel free from the guilt of this crime?

Surely the murders of Judge Conaghan and Mr. McBirney must bring home to us the fact that our country has now reached a state where it can afford only one division, the distinction between those who believe in such deeds and those who do not.

Too many people who call themselves Christians offer passive support to organisations that, in their inner hearts, they know are directly opposed to the mind and teaching of Christ.

Perhaps these deaths may help to unite all people in our community who are prepared to take a public stand for Christian values.

They cannot kill us all.

The difference between Unionist and Nationalist pales into insignificance when one is faced with this kind of savagery where a man is sent to his death at breakfast by a teenage gunman. It would be better to die confronting evil than to live and condone it.’

Bishop Edward Daly repeatedly told me over the years that he would never believe Martin McGuinness over Rose Hegarty in relation to McGuinness’ false promises that alleged informer Frankie Hegarty would not be harmed by the IRA if he returned to Derry.

McGuinness got Frankie back to Derry, then to Buncrana in Donegal, then to interrogation and torture leading to his murder on the border.

McGuinness was so incensed against Frankie that I would not be surprised if he had made arrangements to personally shoot Frankie in the back of the head.

Corpse of Frankie Hegarty, and his executioner Martin McGuinness

Bishop Edward Daly said Martin McGuinness had lied through his teeth about this matter and he would never believe otherwise.

After his many years of beloved service, Bishop Edward Daly’s creed – that murder for political reasons was not only entirely unnecessary but also mortally sinful – was dumped by the Derry people he too had served so well.

[A subsequent toadying Bishop of Derry, Antrim-born Donal McKeown, disgracefully reversed Bishop Edward Daly’s prohibition on paramilitary displays in Derry churches when he granted State Funeral Honours to the very unrepentant leader of the IRA, Martin McGuinness – whose headstone proudly proclaimed that he lived and died as an IRA Volunteer,  contrary to his years of lies.]

Catholic Bishop Donal McKeown grinning with IRA leader Martin McGuinness

It would appear that Bishop McKeown never challenged Martin McGuinness to offer the restitution of Truth to the relatives of his many, many victims before he passed from this life.

[Donal, you can’t practice the glorification of the most senior IRA leader in Derry one day and then wring your hands when young IRA volunteers emulate his murders the next day. You’ve done your bit to make murder respectable.]

Years ago in Los Angeles when he wasn’t watching his words very carefully, Derry’s own Undertones lead singer Feargal Sharkey infamously commented that he had been brought up in a “slum” – in other words, in Derry.

For someone who had been raised in Rosemount in Derry, he earned a lot of local antagonism for his comment.

Feargal Sharkey – “Grew up in a slum”

Derry was not a “slum”, but it has become a political slum since the populace has embraced the unrepentant murderers, bombers and torturers of yesteryear as their political representatives in preference to the unbloody and pacifist politicians of the SDLP and other groupings.

So, don’t be surprised that Derry is the incubator of the IRA that murdered a female journalist recently.

Derry City loves the IRA movement, including its Sinn Fein front and all of its many lies, to death.

It loves the unrepentant and boastful IRA murderers and bombers and their political front way more than it ever loved a single innocent IRA murder victim.

May 12 2019

The Murder Of Arthur Rafferty.

Arthur Rafferty Sr was shot at Newington Street in north Belfast, close to its junction with the Limestone Road, on August 15th 1974 and died in hospital several weeks later. The IRA claimed responsibility.

The Arthur Raferty Murder of 1974 How the British security forces are helping a killer spy to rebuild his life. Rogue Irish police officers colluded with the IRA during the Troubles and even stopped senior members being arrested, former republican intelligence chief claims Irish police tipped-off the IRA about planned arrests, a new book claims Former IRA intelligence officer Kieran Conway makes the claims in a book Mr Conway alleges top Irish politicians and bankers also supported the IRA A separate probe found no evidence of collusion between IRA and RUC Members of Arthur Rafferty’s family claimed the RUC covered-up his death Mr Rafferty was murdered by the IRA in Belfast in 1974 in a gun attack His family claims the killers worked as informants for the RUC in Belfast The Police Ombudsman of Northern Ireland found no evidence of collusion.


A north Belfast man whose father was murdered 37 years ago by the IRA is asking the Chief Constable and the Police Ombudsman to reopen the case. Arthur Rafferty was shot on September 8, 1974 in Newington Street. The 56 year old Catholic civilian died three weeks later.

His son, also called Arthur Rafferty, believes he knows exactly who his father’s murderer is and is calling for him to stand trial, even though he believes the man was working for the British Government and is being protected by them.
He told the Community Telegraph: “My father was murdered 37 years ago — I know who the people who murdered him are, for 37 years I have been fighting for justice for him.
“I have contacted Nigel Dodds, and Robin Newton about this, and phoned the Historical Enquiries Team and phoned the Policing Board.
“I want to speak to the PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott but he says he can’t find the time.”
Arthur says the Police Ombudsman’s office had been investigating the incident but ran out of funding.
“But I’ve told them all they have to do is go to England and arrest him and bring him back to stand trial.
“I was at the Policing Board meeting in the Grove [Leisure Centre] and I told the PSNI Area Commander Andy Freeburn that I want this man brought back for the murder of my father — and 20 to 30 other people.
“He put that to Mr Baggott but there has still been no answer.
“Mr Dodds wrote to him twice too, and he is still refusing to meet with me.
“I want my father’s case heard, it has been 37 years and there is still no justice,” added Arthur Rafferty.
North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds said he has contacted chief constable Matt Baggott on Mr Rafferty’s behalf. “Arthur’s concern is why this man is not being investigated.
“Other people have been brought back and arrested and tried, why is this
man not being investigated?” he adked.
“I have asked the Chief Constable to meet Arthur but so far he has said no. The Superintendent wrote back on his behalf recently and said no, he couldn’t add anything and there is nothing to be gained by a meeting. I’ll be continuing to press for a meeting,” he added.
Robin Newton, a Policing Board Member said he was motivated to support Mr Rafferty because of his work on behalf of people from all sides of the community who are suffering from the killer disease Asbestosis.
“I have been lobbying through the official channels of the Policing Board to bring this person or persons back to Northern Ireland. All official avenues of inquiry must be used and I am currently seeking advice on this matter,” he continued.
A PSNI spokesperson said: “The Chief Constable’s office has responded directly in relation to this matter on three separate occasions within the last year and addressed the questions raised in these responses.”

The Psni & The Ombudsman has issued statements ref Arthur Raftery’s Murder.


However, Dr Michael Maguire did find there were failures in the RUC investigation into the shooting of Arthur Rafferty.

PSNI – PPS – The Cover Up of Martin McGartland’s kidnapping.

The PSNI has been accused of failing to act on new information relating to the horrific murders of two British Army corporals during an IRA funeral.

Arthur Raffertys Murder

Arthur Raffertys JR You Tube Channel