May 21 2019


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Editors Comments 2 people up for the new chief of northern Irelands controversial police force the old ruc royal ulster constabulary now psni police service northern Ireland.

If we are trying to protect and be fair to both sides of the Irish Ireland northern Ireland British side of the argument then the police forces title needs changing. May be the Police force of Britain and Ireland.

You vote for the bully or the boutcher.


high profile Bedfordshire chief constable Jon Boutcher

John Boutcher.

He Looks a good cop but I think hes more of a inquiry man.

Chief Constable Boutcher to lead Operation Kenova Investigation

Hang On Can you smell a rat ?

smell a rat. To suspect that someone is guilty of betrayal, deception, or causing a situation to go wrong. A: “They’re numbers don’t match up with the taxes they’ve paid.”. B: “Hmm, I smell a rat.”. He thought he could smell a rat when he saw John slinking away from the scene of the crime.


Surely its a conflict of interest to run a inquiry and be a chief constable of the corrupt force being investigated.

May be Mr Boutcher will resign from the enquiry or explain why he can still carry on we get hundreds of questions why isnt this being looked at why did he ignore my son my dad my evidence is this a nother enquiry scandal.

Will Arthur Rafferty Murder and his 79 year old son dying from asbestosis ever ever get justice and all the other families.

2 Simon Byrne ex Cheshire police. Ex Met Police A Bully but later not charged.

The Old boys club cleared him of bullying a female officer I’m sure the psni has female officers.

Jekyll & Hyde

Became the Chief Constable of Cheshire Constabulary in June 2014. The married father-of-two came to the force from his role as assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, where he was responsible for 32 London boroughs, the largest policing operation in the country. He has held roles including assistant chief constable for Merseyside Police in 2006 and deputy chief constable Greater Manchester Police in 2009.

ALLISON MORRIS 21 May, 2019 01:00 Bedfordshire Police Chief Constable Jon Boutcher.

A replacement for outgoing Chief Constable George Hamilton is expected to be announced this week after two days of interviews.

In what has been one of the most closely scrutinised public appointments in the PSNI’s history, the panel will be deciding on a shortlist believed to be made up of two senior members of the force and two officers from England.

Among them is thought to be high profile Bedfordshire chief constable Jon Boutcher, currently heading up the operation Kenova investigation into the activities of the IRA agent known as Stakeknife.

Simon Byrne, former chief constable of Cheshire police, is also thought to be in the running for the £207,500 a year job.

Mr Byrne was cleared of all allegations of bullying in 2018 following a period of suspension, however, his contract with Cheshire police had ended by that stage.

Two serving PSNI officers, acting Deputy Chief Constable Stephen Martin and Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton, are also said to be shortlisted.

Bedfordshire Police Chief Constable Jon Boutcher.

A preference for applicants to have served outside Northern Ireland was dropped from the list of desirable criteria in the selection process to allow serving PSNI members to apply.

Independent recruitment specialists were brought in from outside of Northern Ireland to oversee the appointment process following controversial comments made by Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald earlier this year.

Mrs McDonald was accused of undermining the integrity of the recruitment exercise when she said she did not have confidence in any prospective candidate from within the PSNI.

Her remarks in February prompted calls for the Sinn Féin representative to be excluded from the selection panel assembled by the Policing Board.

Simon Byrne, former chief constable of Cheshire police.

Those calls were resisted, with board members instead agreeing to introduce new quality assurance measures to safeguard the process.

Interviews will be carried out by political and independent members of the North’s 19-member Policing Board under its chairwoman Anne Connolly.

The Sinn Féin representative Linda Dillion, will be joined by John Blair of the Alliance Party, Ulster Unionist Alan Chambers, Dolores Kelly of the SDLP, and the DUP’s Mervyn Storey.

All the panel have had to undergo a stringent two day training process to ensure the appointment will be robust enough to stand up to any potential challenge.

The announcement as to who will replace George Hamilton when he retires in June is expected to be made on Friday evening.

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