May 12 2019

Stakeknife: Fred Scappaticci.

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The Ira Murderer. Of Arthur Rafferty Sr Aledged.

Stakeknife: Fred Scappaticci ‘facing more than 30 lawsuits’Courts May Hear Evidence In Private.

How, and why, did Scappaticci survive the IRA’s wrath?

After being outed as informer ‘Stakeknife’, he escaped the punishment many before him suffered.

Freddie Scappaticci sent a young boy “on a message”, as they say in Belfast, up to the home of 44-year-old Anthony McKiernan in January 1988, asking McKiernan to call by to see him. Not only were they neighbours, the Scappaticcis and McKiernans were also friends – the children of both families had sleepovers. That was the last McKiernan’s wife and children saw of him. Twenty four hours later, McKiernan was found shot dead on Mica Drive in Beechmount, not far from the Falls Road. He had been condemned as an IRA informer, something his family has always denied. McKiernan’s death was not the only occasion when Scappaticci shut down the normal inhibitions that prevent people visiting harm on others, let alone friends and neighbours, and scheming to do so in such a viscerally treacherous way.

Gerry Adams backs Freddie Scappaticci.


Who is Stakeknife, when was Freddie Scappaticci named as the IRA double agent and why has he been arrested?

Scappaticci later said: “According to the Press I am guilty of 40 murders. But I am telling you this now, after this has settled I want to meet the families of the people that they said I murdered.


He did the IRA’s dirty work for 25 years – and was paid £80,000 a year by the government

Man revealed as army agent may be connected to 40 murders Even to his fellow IRA men, shocked at the revelations of the traitor in their midst, Alfredo ‘Scap’ Scappaticci has a fearsome reputation as a ruthless psychopath. In his book, Killing Rage, Eamon Collins, the Provo who became one of the organisation’s most vociferous critics before his former comrades murdered him in 1999, tells a revealing story.

Danny Morrison: IRA ‘stood down’ Scappaticci in 1990

FORMER Sinn Féin director of publicity Danny Morrison has said the IRA informer known as Stakeknife was ‘stood down’ from the organisation under a cloud of suspicion in 1990, despite the fact he continued to live in west Belfast until he was publicly outed in 2003.

Stakeknife, thought to be Freddie Scappaticci, denied allegations that he had been a high level agent working for military intelligence when his cover was blown by the media in May 2003.

Freddie Scappaticci pleads guilty to animal pornography possession

West Belfast man widely named as British army’s IRA informer ‘Stakeknife’ gets suspended jail term.

Army whistleblower to testify on IRA double agent Stakeknife

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